Mobile Homes 101

As opposed to traditional housing where you build a whole house on top of the cornerstone on the spot, mobile homes are the constructions the part of which are built in a factory and arranged into building blocks at the site the home is supposed to stand. They can be used as permanent residences or temporary homes for those who like to travel, and, thanks to their construction, they can be easily moved from one place to another. Sometimes, they are moved for legal reasons, and that is why they possess wheels. They share the same origin as travel trailers. However, these homes are made of stronger frames than trailers’ frames, and construction lasts longer. But what exactly are they, and why do people want to live in them? While the answer may not be as obvious as, for example, an answer to the question why a football fan enjoys reading about the Online Football Bookmakers & Betting Advices, we hope we can provide a good foundation to people who are interested in researching mobile homes.

Why do people want mobile homes?

The need for mobile homes appeared when people realized that traditional homes constructions were too difficult to afford. The price of mobile homes is much lower than traditionally built ones since they are prefabricated and their arrangement lasts shorter. Unfortunately, due to the fact that they are less resistant to collateral disasters, their value has started to depreciate, and the banks claim that loans on mobile homes are much riskier than those on traditional homes. That is why mobile homes are observed as motor vehicles in the bank terms. 

Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons – cropped

The good sides

The advantage of mobile homes is that they are easier to adapt if an owner changes their needs over time. If a person owns land or a site where a mobile home can be built, in several years one can add more rooms if needed or adapt a home to the latest circumstances. Since they are manufactured in a factory and today’s standards for their construction are high, delays due to weather conditions or scheduling issues are less likely with mobile homes. 

A good thing in the US is that mobile homes are located in mobile homes parks. These mobile home parks are also known as trailer parks, and they are led by the manufactured home communities renting a space for a mobile home. Just like they provide a space for mobile homes, the sites of manufactured home communities provide different facilities which are necessary, such as water, sewer, electricity, natural gas, mowing, garbage removal, community rooms, pools, and playgrounds. 

Jean Housen, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons – cropped

How many mobile homes are there?

The use of mobile homes, as well as their regulations, differ from country to country. In the US, there are around 38 000 mobile home parks, the sites of which can contain 1000 mobile homes. In the US, a person can simply own land where a mobile home is built within these communities or a single neighborhood. Also, there are others who pay rent to mobile home communities. In the UK, static caravans with built-in facilities are more popular than mobile homes, and they are used mostly for vacation purposes. That is also the case with caravans in Israel. 

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