The Home of the Future: What Can We Expect?

Housing everywhere around the world has seen a lot of challenges in the previous decades. There is less and less space to allocate for human homes without damaging nature and ecosystems. It is evident that something needs to change. The homes of the future are going to look completely different than the ones we live in today. But what exactly can we expect?

In many regards, the future is already here when it comes to housing. Our homes are using smart technologies to optimize processes and use less energy, construction companies are exploring the use of more environmentally friendly materials, and people around the world are playing with the idea of miniature housing -just like online players are playing with WinsPark Bonus Code

1. Homes Will Become Smart

Smart housing is already here and the Internet of Things has been a reality for some time. However, smart homes are still not the standard, but it will certainly change in the future. We can expect all our appliances and systems to become one large unit which we can control by using a single app. 

A bit farther in the future, we might not need to control anything. Our houses will learn about our habits and preferences and do everything on their own. They’ll set the temperature, do our laundry, make us coffee, do grocery shopping, and so on.

2. “Green” Design Will Matter More

During the middle and the end of the 20th century, the main focus when it comes to housing was to reduce the cost of building and the time of construction. Numerous compromises needed to be made to achieve these goals, which meant that the environment needed to be neglected. 

Fortunately, all that is slowly changing and will certainly completely change for the better in the future. Architects are already focusing on greener design and the use of more environmentally friendly materials. Buildings and trees merged with foliage will become the standard.

3. The Size Will Go Down Rather Than Up

When it comes to the size of our homes, our appetites will have to change. The world’s population is going up rapidly, which means that the size of our homes will have to go down if we intend to provide enough room for everyone.

Miniature housing is already gaining popularity around the world, especially in urban areas. Real estate prices and rents are skyrocketing, so people need to scale down in order to survive. This also means that, in the future, our furniture will be more practical and we’ll be able to quickly repurpose a room for different uses.

4. 3D Printed Buildings

As we have mentioned above, the number of people on this planet will increase dramatically in the near future. That means that we will need to build a lot of new homes in a very short period of time. One of the solutions that we are likely to see are 3D printed buildings. Instead of paying dozens of construction workers to create a building, we can simply employ advanced 3D printer robots to do that for us. Prefabricated homes will also become much more common in the future.

5. More Secure and Easier to Maintain

Thanks to smart technologies, our homes will be more secure and easier to maintain. Anyone who has a Roomba vacuum cleaner already knows how much easier their life has become. Many more daily chores similar to vacuuming will be automated in the future.

Moreover, our homes will be able to communicate directly to the police or the fire department, or even call an ambulance if the systems notice that your life is in danger.

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