Top 3 Replicas of Classical Architectural Landmarks

Architectural landmarks are what makes the cities and even countries recognizable to outsiders and visitors, just like PWR Bet bonus code betting is recognizable to people who like to bet online. These landmarks were proper architectural feats, especially given the scarcity of technology and materials present at the time of their construction.

These architectural wonders served as an inspiration to many modern architects and designers who wanted to incorporate the classic appeal into various modern buildings, and this is how many of the replicas of classical architectural landmarks came to be.

These replicas were mostly ordered by casino resorts around the Las Vegas Strip and Macau, as a part of their bid to create themed casinos that will give the visitors the impression of walking around the streets of Paris or Rome.

In this article, we will present the top 3 replicas of classical architectural landmarks that breathe new life into these timeless objects.

The Eiffel Tower of Paris Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Cruising down the Strip of the Sin City will lead you straight to Paris Resort & Casino — a luxury casino resort constructed in a way to resemble the capital of France and its characteristics. With this theme in mind, the architects and engineers constructed a real-life replica of the Eiffel tower.

It is a 540-foot replica constructed in 1997 and the one that resembles the original in great many details, from rivets to lightning systems. Atop the tower is a fine-dining restaurant with a viewing deck that offers a breathtaking view of Las Vegas to all visitors. The replica would have been a full-size one if it weren’t for the nearby airport, so the scale is mostly 2:1, which was more than enough for the Tower to be recognized as Vegas’s most famous landmark.

The Egyptian Pyramids of Nevada

If you think the pyramids of Giza are only found in Egypt, you are mistaken. The Luxor Las Vegas Resort is a replica of these pyramids and is constructed under the theme of ancient Egypt. You will find a 30-story high monument made of steel and black glass and beaming xenon light into the sky to mark its place on the Vegas’ skyline.

The theme of ancient Egypt is also seen on the inside of the pyramid, with hieroglyphs and replicas of King Tut’s treasure.

Chinese Tower Bridge 

Tower Bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in the world and the one that saw its replica, that was twice its size, rise in China. In the city of Suzhou, standing at 131-feet tall and with four turrets instead of two, lies the Chinese Tower Bridge. This architectural wonder came with an $11 million cost and, instead of the rising bridge, has a dual carriageway to facilitate more traffic.

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