How Will Casinos of the Future Look Like?

Few buildings in the world are as daring in their architectural expression as the large casino houses. They need to attract big spenders and luck pursuers by promoting wealth, luxury, and entertainment. And for the most part, they are doing an excellent job. Some of the most notable casino resorts in the world represent famous architectural landmarks in their respective cities.

But how will the casinos of the future look like? Will they be any different from what they look like today? To answer these questions, we must see how the casino architecture changed in the last several years and what trends it follows.

Casinos Are Getting Bigger

We can say this for a lot of buildings, but when it comes to casino resorts, they really want to offer the most comfortable experience to their players. The gaming rooms at a casino resort only take up a small portion of the entire complex. Other parts include suites, swimming pools, restaurants, halls, and even galleries and golf courses. Casinos have become real entertainment parks and, although gambling is the main theme, the architectural effort is evident throughout entire resorts.

In the future, we can expect that casinos will only get larger and more grandiose, just like the Venetian hotel and casino in Macau.

More Attractive Designs

If you look closely at the most famous casinos in Las Vegas, you can see that a majority of them are embracing the vintage look, like the Bellagio and the Golden Nugget. However, the retro trend in casino architecture is slowly dying out and is getting replaced by state-of-the-art designs.

Just look at the city of Macau — one of the new gambling empires in the world today. The part of Macau called The City of Dreams is full of fresh and interesting architecture concepts seen in the Morpheus Hotel and the Crown Towers. These and many other casino resorts suggest that the casino architecture is accepting new ideas and straying away from imitating old ones.

Digitally Advanced Interiors

In the future, we can expect that all casino games become digital, in a way slot machines were replaced by video slots. The same can happen with table and card games, and there are even some suggestions that we might see robot croupiers in the following years. While those games may lose their charm, they will also mean faster action, so both players and casinos will benefit from it.

As games become more modern, so will interiors. Vintage carpets and chandeliers will get replaced by modern flooring and lighting.

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